WATCH: RM of Hanover declares state of emergency due to flooding

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The RM of Hanover, just south of Steinbach, declared a state of emergency Tuesday morning due to overland flooding.

The flooded roads are located south of Ridge Road and west of Highway 1. It includes 3-6-6E, 4-6-6E, 10-6-6E and 9-6-6E.

There is one house at risk of flooding and crews are trying to protect it by diverting water.

“We’ve lived here nine years and we’ve never had it this bad, we’ve had some localized flooding throughout the years in spring or heavy rain but nothing like this,” said homeowner Mel Loeppky.

“Crews started working on the roads last night, but the rain made it worse, and they weren’t able to divert the water yet,” Reeve Stan Toews said.

Water overwhelms a culvert in the RM of Hanover resulting in flooding

Randall Paull / Global News

Multiple roads are closed after extensive rain in the area caused culverts to be overwhelmed and flooding in the RM.

Global News File Photo

Water overflows the banks of a ditch in the RM of Hanover.

Sean Leslie / Global News

The state of emergency resolution allows the municipality to take safety actions, such as closing down roads.

People living in the area say the warm weather over the weekend caused snow and ice to quickly melt leading to high flows in some areas and standing water in others.

When rain started to fall this morning, the situation quickly worsened.

“People should lookout when driving in the area,” Toews said. “There have been some road closures, and there are soft spots all over the place.”


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