UPDATE: Caught on camera: Store clerk grabs baby just before mother suffers seizure

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A clerk at a convenience store in Arvada, CO is being recognized as a hero after she felt something was wrong and grabbed a baby from a mother’s arms just before the mother suffered a seizure and fell to the ground.

Rebecca Montano was working on Sunday when a woman with a baby came to her checkout.



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    She told 9 News “I was talking to the baby and she —; the girl —; had a glazed look on her face,” Montano said. “I wasn’t sure, I felt uneasy about it. I was asking her ‘is everything ok,’ I grabbed the baby’s arm and she started to sway, she wouldn’t answer me. She was just lost in space, so I thought I better take the baby, something doesn’t feel right. And then right there she started to fall and I wasn’t sure still exactly what was going on, so I yelled at [a nearby] customer that was in the store [for help]. She fell, I came back, grabbed the phone called 911.”

    Montano said she felt bad that she was unable to catch the girl from falling, but says her instincts took over.

    “I think being a mother, being a grandmother, my first instinct was the baby,” Montano said. “I just wanted to save the baby from getting hurt, if she would’ve fallen with the baby in her arms, who knows where that baby would’ve landed?”

    The mother, identified as Jessica, told KUSA News that she and her daughter are doing fine.

    “I’m hoping that maybe she’ll come back in the store again so that I can see her and make sure that she’s okay. It’s just…it’s a motherly thing, it’s a motherly thing,” Montano said.

    Jessica says she will thank Montano in person.

    WATCH: A store clerk in Colorado helped prevent a baby from possibly falling to the floor after she sensed something was wrong with the mother.

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