Trudeau begged to ‘Please, please run for president’ in NYC

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau got a job offer of sorts in New York City Thursday: two men literally dropped to their knees in a cafe and begged him to run for president of the United States.

The moment was caught on video and posted to 老域名怎么购买 Thursday morning. Trudeau has been in New York this week for various United Nations events.


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“Could you run for president here?” One man asks Trudeau.

“I’m not American born,” Trudeau responds.

That comment is met by the rebuttal that current Republican candidate hopeful Ted Cruz was born in Canada but, Trudeau responds, Cruz was “born as an American.”

“All our guys are so bad… they are so terrible,” the man responds.

“They’re boring, weird, you have to settle for them. Please,” the other man adds.

“I have tremendous confidence in the American people,” Trudeau responds, laughing off the unnamed men’s requests.

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That’s when they pull out all the stops, dropping to their knees to beg Trudeau for his leadership.

“We’ll do anything, we are begging you,” one man says, as he kneels.

“We will literally beg you,” the other man adds, also dropping to his knees.

“Please, please run for president.”

While the clip ends abruptly, it’s likely not much will come from the discussion. Trudeau is in the early stages of a four year-term as Canada’s prime minister.

Meanwhile, Trudeau has been making his mark south of the border. President Barack Obama last week hosted Trudeau at a state dinner in Washington, the first for a Canadian prime minister in 19 years.

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The U.S. press has often been kind to Trudeau: The New York Times noted his “star power”, Both the Washington Post and CNN called him the “anti-Trump”, and after his election in October the New York Post called him the “JFK Jr. of Canada.”

Canada has also been on the minds of some as the run to the White House plays out. Online searches for moving to Canada along with recent polls indicate quite a few Americans would consider making the move to the Great White North if Donald Trump is elected as president.

The U.S. presidential election is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 8.

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