‘This is so important to our community’: South Edmonton community league gets stolen snow equipment back

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EDMONTON — After some extensive sleuth work by members of the Edmonton Police Service, ice-clearing equipment that was stolen in February has been returned to the North Millbourne Community League.

The south Edmonton community league was forced to shut down its outdoor rinks early this winter, after upwards of $12,000 worth of equipment was stolen on Feb. 13.



    Edmontonians lend a hand to North Millbourne Community League

    Police found the stolen power sweeper and snow blower at a Sherwood Park residence. The stolen backpack blower was located at a south Edmonton pawn shop. The items were returned to the community league on Tuesday.

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    While it may be too late in the season for community members to hit the ice, they’re grateful they’ll be ready to go next winter.

    “We’re all overwhelmed with gratitude for the time and effort that EPS officers spent on finding our stolen ice-cleaning equipment,” Brandon Kowalczyk, vice-president of the North Millbourne Community League, said.

    “This is so important to our community. Not only do our residents skate on the rink daily, but we have terrific organizations like the Boys and Girls Club hockey team that also use our rink to practice on.”

    Recovering the equipment was a group effort by officers in a couple of Edmonton divisions. While working on pawn shop detail, Const. Uwe Steil has single-handedly located and returned close to $1 million worth of stolen property. His work has led to 223 arrests since 2013.

    “It’s certainly rewarding for the police officers involved in this investigation to be able to return this expensive equipment to the community league and see everyone smiling again,” Steil said.

    Shawn Rolfe, 34, has since been charged with theft under $5,000, possession of stolen property under $5,000 and fraud under $5,000.

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