Saskatoon team prepping for TV appearance on ABC’s BattleBots

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SASKATOON – A seven-person team is planning to take 250 pounds of steel and power from Saskatoon to Los Angeles for one of the world’s biggest robot combat competitions. The Eh Team will be one of three Canadian groups fighting in the upcoming season of BattleBots.

The show made its debut in 2000, gaining popularity for its clashes between weapon-wielding robots . The success was short-lived and the show was cancelled in 2002.

“A number of us have really been fans of BattleBots ever since we were kids,” said Julia Chernushevich, one of the members of The Eh Team.

When ABC resurrected the show in 2015, Chernushevich and some of her co-workers decided to use their experience to enter a robot. Six of the seven members of The Eh Team work at Prairie Machine & Parts in Saskatoon, designing electrical vehicles and mining equipment.

They spent 40 hours a week at their normal job and another 48 hours designing the robot they call ‘Bucktooth Burl.’

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    “It’s a 250 pound destructive machine and it’s meant to look like a beaver, mostly because we’re a Canadian team and we want to get the whole ‘Canada’s going to kick butt’ [message] across,” Chernushevich said.

    “We want it to look kind of furry and adorable, but then really have that feisty, fearsome look to it.”

    The steel-frame bot will feature a drum weapon with a series of blades spinning at 2800 RPM. Bucktooth Burl runs on two drive motors, four batteries to power its weapon and two batteries to allow movement.

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    Even with several sponsorships and donated materials, the robot has cost approximately $10,000 to create.

    All the work is happening in Patric Byrns’ garage.

    “We’re all going to be pretty invested in this thing – the amount of hours designing it and building it. It will be destroyed I’m sure,” Byrns said.

    Bucktooth Burl and the other 55 BattleBots competitors do battle next month. The show is scheduled to appear on ABC this summer. The other Canadian robots taking part in the competition are “All Black Robotics” from Ontario and MBS Robotics” from Alberta.

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‘Take the child to the ER right away’: Naturopathic doctor testifies at meningitis trial

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LETHBRIDGE – Three doctors testified Wednesday during the trial of David and Collet Stephan. The couple is charged with failing to provide the necessities of life. Their 18-month-old son Ezekiel died from meningitis in March 2012.

David and his wife Collet have pleaded not guilty to the charges.

READ MORE: Jury trial begins for southern Alberta parents accused in toddler’s death from meningitis 

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  • ‘Very sick little boy’: Pediatrician testifies in case of Alberta boy’s meningitis death

  • Clinic employee testifies in trial of Alberta parents accused in son’s meningitis death

    Viral meningitis on the rise in Alberta

    The first doctor to testify Wednesday was Barbara Ross, a pediatrician from the Calgary Children’s Hospital. Ross reviewed the ambulance log and said when Ezekiel was picked up by paramedics he was dead.

    “There was no heart beat, no blood pressure,” Ross explained. “He was clinically dead.”

    The medical examiner who testified last week said baby Ezekiel was brain dead when EMS met up with the couple – who had started driving to meet the ambulance because the toddler stopped breathing. Medical examiner Dr. Bamidele Adeagbo told the court the brain acts differently when it has a lack of oxygen, compared to when it’s reacting to meningitis.

    READ MORE: Autopsy confirmed 18-month-old Alberta boy died of meningitis, medical examiner testifies 

    Later Wednesday, Dr. Tracey Tannis, a Naturopathic doctor at the Lethbridge Naturopathic Medical Clinic, testified.

    She said on March 13, 2012 her secretary took a phone call from a woman concerned about her young son. She testified the woman told her that she had a friend who was a nurse with her and she was concerned about viral meningitis. Tannis told her secretary: ‘You need to tell her to take the child to the ER right away.’”

    Tannis testified that the next day a woman came into her clinic and asked for an over-the-counter echinacea treatment for her son who was almost two. Tannis told the court she didn’t know if the woman was the same one who called the day before.

    Dr. Frederick Cunningham a physician from Cardston was the third witness to testify Wednesday afternoon. He was called into the ER the night of March 13 when Ezekiel was brought into the Cardston Hospital by EMS.

    When the toddler came in, Cunningham said he was paged by another doctor to help with airway management to ensure his brain and lungs were receiving oxygen. He explained that he immediately put in a second tracheal tube when he saw the child, removing the one EMS first put in, to help maximize his airway.

    Cunningham told the court when the plan was established to transfer Ezekiel to the Alberta Children’s Hospital, he remained with the toddler from Cardston until he was airlifted by STARS at Chinook Regional Hospital in Lethbridge.

    He said Ezekiel remained non-responsive the entire time, as the severity of his condition remained the same from Cardston to Lethbridge.

    On Thursday the doctor who first saw the child when EMS brought him to the ER in Cardston will testify, along with the paramedic and 911 dispatchers.

    The trial was originally scheduled to wrap up next week but the judge now says it may take longer.

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Baie d’Urfé man receives St. Patrick’s community honour

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BAIE-D’URFÉ – After a a life that’s lasted almost a century, Andrew Fogarty has had a lot of opportunities for volunteerism – and he seems to have taken most of them.

Fogarty was recently given the St. Patrick Society’s Community Award – not for green pants or socks (though he was wearing those when Global News spoke to him), but for a lifetime of community service.

“You take things one by one, and you feel good about what you’re doing,” he said.

“But you never think ‘man, I win an award.’ It doesn’t enter your mind.”  

Many community organizations have recognized him.

He’s been named both the grand marshal of Montreal’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade and the chief reviewing officer.

Only one is named each year and a person can only receive the honour once.

He’s set to receive his most recent honour at a luncheon Thursday morning.

His one regret is that his wife of almost 65 years won’t be there with him.

She died of complications from a stroke in 2011.

“It still hits me every now and then. She was so wholesome and beautiful,” he said.

She was part of the reason why – when he was president of the St. Patrick’s Society – he pushed to change the rules to allow women into the organization.

He plans to incorporate her in his remarks Thursday.

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Layoff protection offered by Alberta condo project to increase sales

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For the first time in a generation, new Alberta condos and homes sit ready and waiting for buyers to move in.

It’s a big shift in the market and has builders like Calgary’s Carlisle Group thinking creatively about who to get customers into a show suite.

“That’s the number one challenge… just getting people out of their home, reading all the doom and gloom,” Jim Bryce of the builder said.

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  • It’s now a buyer’s market when it comes to Edmonton real estate

    INFOGRAPHIC: To buy or not to buy? That is the question

    It’s why the longtime developer is offering what it calls the job security guarantee – essentially, it’s layoff insurance.

    Buyers fearful of losing their job buy some piece with of mind with a condo purchase for the rest of 2016.

    “We will pay your mortgage, up to six months or to maximum of $8,000,” Bryce told Global News. “That includes both your mortgage and condo fees.”

    Incentives are the name of the game right now.

    While prices are stable, the number of sales is way down as unemployment continues to rise in Alberta.

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    Wanda Palmer of Trico Homes says it launched its Red Card incentive program last month to attract more customers.

    “The biggest impact for us is consumer confidence,” Palmer said.

    The rebate incentive ranged from $10,000 on a condo purchase to $120,000 on a upscale home valued close to $800,000.

    “They can take it off the purchase price of their home, they can spend it in the design centre, on options and upgrades,” Palmer said. “They could use it for legal fees.”

    Generous offers like these are almost unheard of in Alberta, according to Steve Sedgwick, president of the Realtors Association of Edmonton.

    “Over the last year and half we’ve had a lot of political and economic uncertainty and that’s affecting buyers decisions,” Sedgwick said.

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    Some wonder why builders simply won’t cut the sticker price on a home, as opposed to offer incentives.

    Builders say they’re simply covering their costs.

    And while construction costs may be down with more availability of trades, some other factors are out of their control.

    “That’s things like the Canadian dollar,” said Palmer. “A lot of the materials that go into our homes are purchased down in the U.S.”

    It’s one more challenge in a real estate waiting game with no end in sight.

    But, some sellers hope sweetening the deal with some extras may get some of their properties sold.

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Kingston family looks to give back 1 year after twin girls’ liver transplants

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Watching Binh and Phuoc Wagner bound around the main floor of their Kingston, Ontario home, it’s hard to imagine that just three years ago they were suffering from a life-threatening illness.

The Vietnamese twin sisters live with Alagille Syndrome, a condition that affects their ability to absorb nutrients and stunts their growth. Doctors decided they would need liver transplants to survive.

Michael and Johanne Wagner of Kingston knew that when they adopted the girls and were willing to fight for them.

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After a social media campaign that drew widespread attention and touched hearts, the girls received life-saving liver transplants at Toronto’s Hospital For Sick Children. Phuoc received a piece of her adopted father Michael’s liver, while Binh received part of an anonymous donor’s liver. The family says they still have never met that person.

Meeting the twins Monday, their favourite Disney figurines all but glued to their palms as they smiled and mugged for a Global News camera, the improvements are obvious.

Their parents say all symptoms of liver disease are gone, but there are still some smaller issues to contend with.

“They’re constantly getting little illnesses. Colds, earaches, because they’re immune-suppressed,” says Michael Wagner.

“They seem to just keep catching the same cold, where a normal, healthy person would shed it in the normal period of time and then go on.”

The family takes no risks —; even posting a sign on their front door warning visitors not to come in if they have cold or flu symptoms.

Binh and Phuoc still make quarterly visits to SickKids for tests and checkups and it’s expected they’ll need medication and treatment for the rest of their lives; but the Wagners say this part’s a cakewalk compared to previous years.

Whereas they used to have to feed the girls through tubes connected to their digestive system, Johanne Wagner says now “all of their feeds are by mouth, they’re not fed through the night, they’re absorbing whatever nutrients we give them.”

They say the odd word, and can certainly show their emotions, but the twins are still learning how to talk.

Potty training also takes up a lot of their time these days, as does school. The first day of class back in September was a landmark for the proud parents as they watch their daughters continue to develop.

“They have an educational assistant with them at all times to make sure that they’re okay,” explains their adopted mother.

“Let’s face it, they’re behind their peers, but they love having new friends and they’re slowly catching up. They’re going to be five years old in May and they’re functioning currently at about two years, nine months.”

Binh and Phuoc are two of four special needs kids the Wagners have adopted from Vietnam and the family makes sure to keep their strong connection to the foursome’s birthplace today. Johanne Wagner just got a new job with TDH Ontario, helping families adopt children with special needs from Vietnamese facilities.

The Wagner family has also launched a new GoFundMe campaign attempting to raise $19,000 to buy 85 specially-sized mattresses for Vung Tau Centre, the orphanage from which they adopted five-year-old Toan and seven-year-old Logan Hoang.

Johanne Wagner says the centre’s old location had fallen into disrepair and was deemed unsafe, so the local government recently set them up in a new building.

“The mattresses were in a state of disrepair, so they could not move the mattresses to the new centre… They have the bed frames, but the frames are not… standard size,” she explains.

As a result, and as a picture on the crowdfunding page shows, she says the children there are temporarily sleeping on the floor.

The campaign was launched in January and is still far short of its goal, having received $1,080 as of late Wednesday afternoon.

If they manage to top their goal of $19,000 Johanne says “any additional money collected will be used either towards a synthetic soccer field… or a playground for the disabled children.”

Back at home, the Wagners are thankful every day for the health of all nine of their kids, adopted and biological.

Though one year later, you can forgive them if they still don’t know what to say to the anonymous donor who, like Michael Wagner, saved one of their little girls’ lives.

“I know that person is out there and I know that person knows how I feel,” Johanne Wagner says with a smile.

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Your Saskatchewan – Regina: March 2016

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Every day on Global Regina at 6 p.m. and 10 p.m., we feature a viewer submitted photo for Your Saskatchewan.

Submit your photo with a description and location via Facebook, 桑拿会所 or by email to [email protected]长沙夜网.

Photos should be added to the email as an attachment, in jpeg format and at least 920 pixels wide.

March 7: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Jill Apshkrum near Regina, SK.

March 8: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Snowbird 6 Outer Right Wing pilot, Greg Hume-Powell. Find more photos on his twitter page under the handle @SNBD6.

March 9: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by V. Barry Embree near White Bear, SK.

March 10: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Ryan Wunsch near Leader, SK.

March 11: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Jerry Stevens.

March 14: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Peter Scoular.

March 15: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Tanille Williamson.

March 16: This ‪Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Ron Dormer.

March 17: This ‪Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Colin McLellan.

March 18: This ‪Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Chris Miller.

March 21: This ‪Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Bob Lowther near Gerald, SK.

March 22: Jenine Boser took this Your Saskatchewan photo of her Alaskan Malamute puppy enjoying the snow in her backyard.

March 23: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Grant Sloan.

March 24: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Brittany Hislop near Arcola, SK.

Brittany Hislop

March 25: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Andrea Lawrence.

Andrea Lawrence

March 28: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Kayla Landry near Balgonie, Sask.

Kayla Landry

March 29: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Stephanie Strain of the Easter Miracle Tree in Aberdeen, SK.

March 30: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Fred Ponto.

March 31: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Ashley Corcoran near Assiniboia, SK.

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BCTF calls for Cadieux to step down as Minister of Children and Family Development

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The British Columbia Teachers’ Federation is calling for the resignation of Stephanie Cadieux, the Minister of Children and Family Development, amidst the ongoing controversy involving children under the government’s care.

“Teachers across B.C. are heartbroken and fed up with the government’s lack of action and support for vulnerable and at-risk children, youth, and young adults,” said BCTF President Jim Iker.

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Teachers raised their concerns Tuesday night at the 100th BCTF Annual General Meeting, passing an emergency resolution calling for Cadieux to step down.

“As teachers, we see the impact of this government’s damaging policies every single day in our classrooms. Too many children in this province are living in a state of crisis and the Ministry, led by Minister Cadieux, has failed to respond for too long,” said Iker.

The emergency resolution stemmed from the tragic passing of 19-year-old Patricia Evoy, who aged out of care and was found dead in Burnaby last week.

Iker says teachers across the province are expressing the same worry.

“These children and young adults are our students. We know them, care about them, and do our very best to help them. Meanwhile, the government is failing them,” said Iker. “These heartbreaking and completely preventable deaths must stop.”

B.C. has the highest rate of child poverty in Canada, and mental health issues are on the rise among students. B.C. teachers say there are not enough school counsellors or learning specialists to address all of their students’ needs.

According to the most recent update from the Office of the Representative for Children and Youth, there have been 58 deaths and 245 critical injuries of B.C. children and youth between June 1 and September 20, 2015.

Leaving the legislature Wednesday, Cadieux said, “I don’t have a response for their call, I’ve got a job to do.”

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Donald Trump warns of ‘riots’ if he’s denied Republican nomination

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WASHINGTON – After yet another round of convincing victories for Donald Trump, Republican leaders spent Wednesday wavering between grudging acceptance and deep denial about the businessman’s likely ascent to the GOP presidential nomination. An emboldened Trump warned that if the party tried to block him, “You’d have riots.”

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    With at least three more states in his win column, Trump is now the only candidate with a path to clinching the Republican nomination before the party’s convention in July. But he still must do better in upcoming contests to get the necessary 1,237 delegates, leaving some opponents with a sliver of hope he can still be stopped.

    “I still think it’s a very realistic chance that nobody’s going to have a majority of the delegates,” said Henry Barbour, a senior Republican National Committee member who worked on Marco Rubio’s delegate strategy until the Florida senator exited the race Tuesday.

    Barbour said Trump “doesn’t deserve to be president,” but also said he could ultimately support the billionaire if he “can convince me that he’s presidential material.”

    WATCH: Political ad made 50 years ago seems to eerily describe Donald Trump

    Trump cautioned that his supporters would revolt if he falls just short in the delegate count and loses in a rules fight.

    “If you just disenfranchise these people, I think you would have problems like you’ve never seen before,” Trump said on CNN’s New Day.

    Despite the deep concerns about Trump within the Republican Party, there was little tangible action Wednesday that indicated a way to stop the real estate mogul’s march toward the general election.

    There was no rush among party leaders or donors to coalesce around Ted Cruz, the only candidate in the race with even a long-shot chance of overtaking Trump in the delegate count. A small group of conservatives moved forward with plans to meet Thursday to discuss the prospect of rallying behind a third-party option, but no candidate had been identified to lead that effort.

    READ MORE: ‘Bimbo. Dog. Fat pig’: New anti-Trump ad shows women reading his sexist comments

    The three best-financed efforts to stop Trump abruptly ceased advertising after Tuesday’s elections. The outside groups American Future Fund, Our Principles and Club for Growth have no Trump attack ads planned for Arizona – a crucial winner-take-all contest in six days – or in any states beyond.

    Former House Speaker John Boehner floated his successor, Paul Ryan, as the nominee in the event of a convention fight. But Ryan quickly took himself out of the mix, saying through a spokeswoman that he would “not accept a nomination and believes our nominee should be someone who ran this year.”

    WATCH: Rubio supporters on Trump: ‘He’s going to bring us a 3rd world war’

    Meanwhile, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton set her sights on a November showdown with Trump. Her sweep of Tuesday’s five primary contests was a harsh blow to rival Bernie Sanders, giving Clinton what her campaign manager described as an “insurmountable lead” in the delegate count.

    “We are confident that for the first time in our nation’s history, the Democratic Party will nominate a woman as their presidential nominee,” Robby Mook wrote in a memo to supporters.

    Clinton has at least 1,599 delegates to Sanders’ 844. It takes 2,383 to win the Democratic nomination.

    Trump urged Republicans to view the party’s nominating contest with the same sense of clarity. During a round of calls to morning television shows, he said some of the same Republican senators who publicly criticize him have called him privately to say they want to “become involved” in his campaign eventually. He also picked up an endorsement Wednesday from Florida Gov. Rick Scott.

    Trump also effectively killed the next GOP debate scheduled for Monday in Utah, saying “we’ve had enough debates.” After Ohio Gov. John Kasich said he wouldn’t debate without Trump on stage, host Fox News scrapped the event.

    READ MORE: Anonymous declares ‘total war’ on Donald Trump

    Trump has won 47 per cent of the Republican delegates awarded so far, according to the Associated Press delegate count. He needs to win 54 per cent of the remaining delegates to clinch the nomination by the time the primary season ends on June 7.

    Just a handful of states will vote between now and mid-April, a reprieve for opponents.

    “We’ve got four weeks to identify what the most effective path is,” said Tim Miller, a former Jeb Bush aide who now works for an anti-Trump super PAC.

    Former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, who is supporting Kasich, said there were “calls going back and forth between the Kasich-Rubio campaign” about the possibility of a joint ticket, though he said those conversations were preliminary.

    Any scenarios that end with blocking Trump could leave the party in chaos. But some Republicans suggested that given the party’s current state, the chaos couldn’t get much worse.

    “The divisions are already there,” said John Jordan, a California-based donor who was leading a pro-Rubio super PAC. “There’s already open warfare on TV. A couple thousand people in a food fight in Cleveland pales in comparison.”

    AP writers Stephen Ohlemacher, Julie Bykowicz, Lisa Lerer and Nancy Benac contributed to this report.

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Parent of Laval runaway calls on Quebec government to take more action

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QUEBEC CITY – Last month, Eric Hauptman’s 16-year-old daughter ran away from a Laval youth home.

Now, he’s calling for change at the National Assembly in Quebec City.

READ MORE: Laval group home a target of gangs and prostitution rings: report

“I’m coming as a father to speak about my daughter and our children,” said Hauptman.

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  • No action plan to fight sexual exploitation, despite Quebec report

  • Laval group home a target of gangs and prostitution rings: report

  • Quebec injects $3 million to fight sexual exploitation of runaway teens

    “I’m not the only one who has teenagers in the province of Quebec. I’m willing to fight that the laws are going to change.”

    Hauptman’s daughter was one of half a dozen girls who ran away in February.

    She was found last month in a Toronto hotel.

    On Tuesday, Youth Protection Minister Lucie Charlebois and Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux unveiled a report into the situation at the Laval youth home.

    READ MORE: No action plan to fight sexual exploitation, despite Quebec report

    “We’ve had a few runaways in a few days coming from the Laval centre, which doesn’t mean the problem is only in Laval. It exists all over the province,” said Coiteux.

    The near 40-page report by auditor André Lebon reveals where improvements can be made.

    It also criticized the lack of funding for youth protection.

    Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard said it isn’t always true that adding more money into a system will make it work better.

    “I’m always very careful about this linear relation that if you put more money into something it’s going to be miraculously better,” he said.

    “I think the way things are done matters, it matters a lot.”

    Regardless, the Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) said the youth protection minister is not handling the file properly.

    READ MORE: Quebec injects $3 million to fight sexual exploitation of runaway teens

    “Obviously, Minister Charlebois is not able to take care of those young girls and we ask Mr. Coiteux to take care of those files because we need action right now and we don’t have it,” said CAQ MNA Nathalie Roy.

    As for Hauptman, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to protect his daughter and he wants to see more done, rather than just the recommendations from the report, as soon as possible.

    “This is the main goal of why I’m here,” he said.

    “If I have to go to Ottawa to do it, I’ll do it.”

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McDonald’s announces creation of over 1,900 new jobs in Alberta

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CALGARY – McDonald’s Canada says as many as 1,900 new jobs will be created across Alberta as they move forward with plans to redesign over 1,000 of its 1,400 Canadian restaurants.

About 100 McDonald’s locations throughout Alberta have already been revamped and new jobs added at many of those locations.

Alberta will be the first province to complete the redesign, with the company announcing Thursday plans to invest $200,000 to 250,000 per restaurant.

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  • McDonald’s opens first restaurant in Kazakhstan

    “We’re proud of the more than 9,500 people we employ in Alberta who, along with our newest employees, are helping us keep up with the demand as we innovate and deliver an unmatched guest experience,” said Shelly Hansen, Regional Vice President, Western Canada at McDonald’s.

    READ MORE: McDonald’s is turning Happy Meal boxes into virtual reality goggles in Sweden

    The redesign will include new self-order kiosks, personalized burger options and improved table service.

    McDonald’s started rolling out self-serve kiosks at Canadian locations last year. Now, with its Create Your Taste concept, customers can build their own premium burger, choosing from nearly 30 different ingredients, including 12 toppings, nine sauces, and a lettuce wrap in place of a bun.

    Among the new positions announced Thursday are dedicated wait staff who will deliver orders from self-order kiosks directly to customers seated at tables.

    The move comes as market competition grows, including the rise of gourmet burger chains like Five Guys Burgers and Fries and Smashburger.

    The changes are expected to be in place by the end of 2017.

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