Moncton businesses rise from the ashes after fires devastate 7 businesses

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Several Moncton businesses have been destroyed by fire in the last few months and now some of those businesses owners are trying to rebuild, literally from the ground up.

Today, abstract woodworker Jon Black moved into a temporary work space less than a month after he lost everything in a devastating fire.


“It feels a bit awkward I am not going to lie, but at the end of the day it feels really good to be back and moving again,” Black told Global News.

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He says at least $25,000 worth of tools and many of his projects became charred debris in the fire back in February and he had no insurance.

“I haven’t recouped all of my tools yet that may take a couple of months to accomplish, but yeah I was able to pull something together.”

Black’s is just one of several Moncton businesses trying to rise from the ashes. In the last three months, seven local businesses have been destroyed by fire.

The owner of Dolma Foods, Hossein Barar, finally has his 10 employees back to work after fire destroyed his grocery store and cafe in January.

He rushed to open a temporary location.

“For our customers and local farmers, that is more than anything why I rushed to open something,” Hossein said.

He says he wanted to give local growers a place to sell their products as soon as possible. He is planning to break ground on a new building at the same location where his shop was lost in April, with the goal of opening in the fall.

“It’s not something you can do overnight,” he said.

Both men say they would never be where they are today without support from the community.

Black says friends have held fundraisers to help him recover his loses and companies have stepped up offering replacement tools.

“You don’t really realise who much support that small communities like moncton and people so come together.”

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