Jared Fogle, ex-Subway pitchman, attacked and beaten in prison

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Jared Fogle, former Subway spokesman, was jumped and beaten in a surprise attack at the Federal Correctional Institution, Englewood, in Colorado.

As reported by TMZ and confirmed by several other news outlets, Fogle was attacked on January 29 by an inmate with a storied criminal past, and was left bloodied and beaten in the minimum-security prison yard.


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The attacker, Steven J. Nigg, 60, has been in the U.S. prison system since the ’70s, and a detective out of Arizona said he’s one of the “worst criminals” he’s ever encountered. He is currently being held in the federal jail on a weapons charge.

TMZ says that Nigg “pushed Fogle down and then unloaded a barrage of punches to his face.” Fogle was left with a bloody nose, a bruised face and multiple scratches on his neck. Nigg had very minor injuries.

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Apparently, Nigg wanted to draw attention to the number of prisoners at the institution who were serving time for sex offences, his family members said. He was upset at the perceived special attention Fogle was getting.

“In his words, my uncle’s words, people convicted of these types of crimes, crimes against children, sexual predators, rapists, they shouldn’t be in a minimum-security prison,” Nigg’s nephew Jimmy said to azcentral老域名购买. “He felt like it wasn’t fair. He [Fogle] gets to order any food he wants, he can use his money to do things. This guy is coming and prancing in like he can do anything he wants. [My uncle] wanted to send a message.”

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Nigg was put into solitary confinement after the attack, said prison officials.

Fogle pleaded guilty in August to having sex with minors and distributing and receiving child pornography.

He was sentenced in November to 15 years and eight months in prison for possession and distribution of child pornography and having sex with underage prostitutes.

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