Grisly discovery on Grey County farm prompts OSPCA investigation

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When Melissa Brown and her family moved to a rented Grey County farm a month ago they knew there’d be clean up, but they never expected what they found.

Once the snow melted they started making gruesome discovery after gruesome discovery; piles of animal remains.

Brown said death is part of farm life, but this is different.

A pile of baby goat carcases were found near the front of the barn. Behind the barn, bones are scattered everywhere. Behind a fence, with no gate, lies an entire horse skeleton.


“This has brought me to tears over and over,” said Brown, staring down at the bones.

Brown said she fears for all the other animals the former tenants had when she viewed the property. She said she saw at least 20 to 30 dogs

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The previous tenants lived on the property for two years.

Global News went to the previous tenants’ new home about half an hour away.

There, Debra White said all of the animals were either killed for consumption or died naturally. That included 15 baby goats, a horse, an unknown number of calves and a ram.

White said she believes the ram died of a heart attack, and the horse fell down an embankment at the back of the property and its body moved to the location next to the barn.

She also insisted the number of dogs she owns is way off.

“I didn’t have dozens of dogs, I had six. I have witnesses who will say that’s all I had,” White said.

White added that she called the OSPCA herself when she heard there were concerns.

Brown said she called the OSPCA twice, two weeks ago, but no one got back to her. She said her landlord also called the main OSPCA reporting line.

“And they didn’t listen, period,” Brown said, referring to the OSPCA.

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Brown also decided to call the local police department. She said it was only after an officer alerted the OSPCA that they launched an investigation.

The OSPCA said it has no record of the earlier calls. A spokesperson would not confirm whose call prompted them to look into the case.

Brown said she wants to make sure that something is done.

“All I want is justice for these animals.”

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