Dog reunited with family after being lost at sea for five weeks

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A German Shepherd dog has been reunited with her family in San Diego, CA, nearly five weeks after she fell off a commercial fishing vessel and was presumed dead.

Luna, a one-and-a-half year old German Shepherd, was thought to be lost for good after going missing on February 10. Her owner Nick Hayworth, a fisherman, had spent two days looking for Luna.

WATCH: German Shepherd found by US Navy, returned to owner’s friends.

“He told us Luna was a very powerful swimmer and that he was 90 per cent sure she’d head for shore,” Sandy DeMunnik, a public affairs officer for the U.S. Navy’s Naval Base Coronado, told ABC news.

On Tuesday, she was found by the U.S. Navy on San Clemente Island which is more than 95 kilometres off the coast of San Diego.

WATCH: RAW: German Shepherd returned home after being lost for 5 weeks

The Navy was on the island to conduct regular exercises.

“Just really mind blowing to tell you the truth. When I got the call that this happened I never even thought this would be a possibility —; that I would ever see her again. And, yeah, we just have to thank the Navy really,” said Conner Lamb, a family friend.

Luna has been examined and is said to be “perfectly healthy other than being a little malnourished,” DeMunnick said.



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