Breakfast Buzz: Is it OK to post pictures of your kids online?

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SASKATOON – Usually it’s parents warning there children about the dangers of posting pictures of themselves online. But what about when a parent publishes something the child doesn’t want shared?

France’s national police, La Gendarmerie nationale, are sounding the bell about sharing pictures of your kids online. In a Facebook post the stress that it’s “important to protect minors private life and their image on social media.”



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    In France, strict privacy laws prohibit you from publishing photo’s of others without their consent. You could face a fine up to $49,000 and/or a year in prison for posting pictures without permission. Viviane Gelles, a specialist in internet law, is quoted in the Figaro saying “Article 9 of the Code Civil is about image rights, and stipulates that parents are in charge of protecting their child’s image.”

    She also warns that children could come back and sue their parents later on in life for pictures of them posted on Facebook.

    This begs the question, with everything we know about internet privacy, is it OK to post pictures of your kids online? Where is the line for what to post and what not to post?

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